Edward Tomasso: Photography Adventures in Italy

Edward Tomasso has exhibited characteristics of an entrepreneur from a young age. Always adventurous and steadfast while nurturing his ideas and expeditions, he has always had a knack for following his own path with confidence. 

Edward Tomasso

Edward Tomasso and photography:

For Edward Tomasso, traveling is not only an innate trait, it's a passion that has spearheaded his own professional career. His love for travel and adventure have opened the door to travel photography which always pushes Edward Tomasso to reach for new goals while visiting new countries and learning about new cultures around the world. 

How adventure photography has changed Edward Tomasso's life: 

This young and spirited professional is currently situated in Milan, Italy. Some of his favorite adventure spots filled with beautiful views and photo opportunities include:

    Edward Tomasso
  • Florance
  • Milan
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Pompeii
  • Naples
  • Capri

Exploring culture and history to help his career:

Although adventure photography does give Edward Tomasso a creative outlet to fuel his travels, he also enjoys exploring new cities through their culture and history. As a business management consultant, he believes exploring new cities has helped broaden his ability to communicate and understand people more effectively.

His interest in business intertwines with his love for adventure, opening up new doors to communication across cultures, and offers endless new opportunities to his career. 


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