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How to Become a Freelance Photographer

Edward Tomasso is a world traveler turned adventure photographer. Now, he works professionally as a Freelance Photographer, filling his portfolio with photos of worldwide wonders. If you’re interested in doing the same, here is Tomasso’s advice on how you can become a Freelance Photographer! So, you want to be a Freelance Photographer. Every time you tell someone this, they probably say “oh… that’s nice.” The insincerity hits you like a ton of bricks. They don’t believe in your dream and you can feel it. Well, here’s a message to lift your spirits: you can  become a Freelance Photographer. But, it’s going to require a little free work. Step 1: Build a Portfolio Building a portfolio is key if you want to be a Freelance Photographer. One of the many fantastic things about pursuing photography professionally is that you can build a portfolio before you ever work an ‘actual’ job in the industry! Before pursuing your first freelance gig, learn your camera -- master its m

Is Everyone a Photographer?

Between the transition from film to digital and the drastic improvement of smartphone cameras, photography has become more accessible than ever before. Freelance photographer, Edward Tomasso questions whether or not this means anyone can become a photographer. Twenty years ago, picking up photography as a hobby required a great deal of research. Without forums and online communities to turn to for advice, diving into photography called for calculated learning. Today, this couldn’t be less accurate. In fact, just about anyone can catch the photography bug so long as they have a smartphone in hand! But does this mean that everyone is a photographer? And if so, what does it even mean to be a photographer anymore? Edward Tomasso picked up photography as a way to document his international travels. Now, he works as a freelance photographer in Milan, Italy. A product of the digital age, his interest was sparked by adventure photography on Instagram. Initially, Tomasso dabbled with

How to Make a Photo Book (Fast & Easy!)

Savor your summer memories by creating a photo book! Adventure photographer, Edward Tomasso explains how you can easily create a beautiful photo book to look back on your exciting travels and other fun summer memories! Many moons ago, collecting photo albums was standard procedure. But since the transition from film to digital, physically compiling photo collections feels like a distant memory. Instead of developing photos and creating photo albums, most people tend to upload their memories to social media -- and that’s that. But recently, physical film collections have suddenly come back in style! Many companies now make creating photo albums easier than ever. As the summer winds down, photographer, Edward Tomasso says it’s the perfect time to savor your memories with your own photo book! Creating photo albums used to be standard in the photography process. In the age of social media and smartphones, photo albums have faded in significance. Why spend weeks compiling yo

Travel Photographer’s Toolkit: Must Have Gear

So you love to travel. You’ve immersed yourself in unbelievable sights. How do you take these serene views home with you? Travel and adventure photographer, Edward Tomasso recommends the gear you need to make your memories last a lifetime! Since setting out on his quest to see the world in all its glory, young world traveler, Edward Tomasso has made it his mission to perfect his photography. In his artistic view, the best way to memorialize a unique travel trip isn’t to steal an artifact or stock up on fliers. Instead, with camera in hand, Tomasso captures his own tourism trophies in the form of photos. But you don’t have to be an expert to join in on the fun! With the right gear, you’ll be in the clear to get started on your own adventure photography exploits! First things first: the camera In the photography game, there are nearly as many cameras to choose from as there are stars in the sky! When starting out, Edward Tomasso recommends that you keep things simple. Rather