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iPhone Camera Attachments for the Professional Photographer

It's no question that the iPhone has completely changed the world of photography forever. Affordable, compact, high quality and now even waterproof - high quality photography equipment is accessible in the palm of your hand, for anyone from the novice photographer to the advanced.  For freelance adventure photographers like Edward Tomasso, iPhones make capturing incredible experiences as easy as possible! Just like any other camera, lens attachments have become widely available for all types of photography. Using these different attachments can completely change the look and quality of your photography , and make any average picture look like it's ready for magazine print! Whether you're just starting to entertain photography as a hobby , or you're a full fledged professional, there are iPhone camera lens accessories available to take your photos to the next level! Here are some favorites of Edward Tomasso : 8 in 1 iPhone Camera Lens Kit This incredibl

Photo Challenge: Winter Portrait Series

One of Edward Tomasso's favorite times of year to practice portrait photography is during winter! An upside of snow? Incredible light reflection. Edward Tomasso regularly hosts photography workshops where he shares his professional insight , but taking a page out of his own book is often something Edward Tomasso utilizes to perfect his expertise in freelance photography . Practice makes perfect, and portrait photography is always fun to practice in the snow, giving new depth, dimension and character to portrait photography! Edward Tomasso is an avid travel and adventure photographer, feeling at home outside in nature. Adapting to seasonal changes and using the great outdoors to his advantage is a concept Edward Tomasso practices regularly when practicing his photography. The cool tones of winter make for some interesting portraits!

Creative Ways to Share Your Photography this Holiday Season

Photography began as a hobby for Edward Tomasso , but quickly developed into a full time professional career for this adventure and travel enthusiast. Edward Tomasso enjoys sharing  his work  by hosting his own workshops designed to educate the public and provide his professional insight. After creating a freelance photography career evolving around his interests in traveling and entrepreneurship, Edward Tomasso hosts these workshops for photography enthusiasts from beginner to advanced who hope to learn more about the technique and creative exploration of adventure photography . He hopes to inspire others to explore the fun and joy that photography can bring to the world. Aside from his photography workshops, Edward Tomasso enjoys sharing his photography in creative ways with his friends and family. Here are just a few ways in which Edward Tomasso turns his photography into handheld treasures and gifts, perfect for this holiday season!  Snapfish is just one of many photo

How to Perfect Your Instagram Feed: Lessons from Chris Burkard

Instagram is quickly becoming a freelance photography hotspot. Edward Tomasso is an avid adventure and travel photographer who loves to share his explorations with friends and family. Instagram is the perfect tool for photography enthusiasts like Edward Tomasso , but how does one stand out from the rest? Let's dive into the Instagram feed of Chris Burkard, one of Tomasso's inspirations to take photography to the next level using social media . Chris Burkard is one of Tomasso's inspirations to create work that reflects quality, originality and use engaging content. If you take a few minutes to look through his feed on Instagram @chrisburkard, you'll quickly see why he has over 3.5 million followers. Let's break down his feed into specific elements that help his content appeal to the masses. Originality Instagram viewers want to see NEW content, not something that has been recycled 100 times. Use your keen eye to find new angles and perspectives. Don&#