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Canon G7X II vs Canon G7X III: Is it worth upgrading?

Since its debut in 2014, Canon G7X has been a leader in the market of professional quality point-and-shoot cameras. Fueled by travel and convenience, this line of cameras has been a staple in Adventure Photographer, Edward Tomasso’s kit. In August 2019, Canon released the Mark III edition of G7X -- but is it worth upgrading from the Mark II? Tomasso investigates! Photographers who lean towards the pocket-sized and easy-to-use options have been raving about Canon G7X since its initial release in 2014. Perfect for the on-the-go adventure photographer or travel enthusiast, this relatively simple point-and-shoot has been a game changer. Small and compact, it literally fits in your pocket, just like Canon’s other notoriously pint-sized PowerShot cameras. But what really makes the G7X shine isn’t how small it is, but rather how stellar the quality is for the size of its body. Professional freelance photographers have long adored the G7X as a quick, on-the-go alternative to large DSLR k

Take Your Smartphone Photography to the Next Level

Instagram filters are nice… but what if you’re looking for more? Adventure photographer, Edward Tomasso has discovered that there’s value in the editing process. The perfect edit can turn something simple into something significant. If you’re looking to up your Instagram game , Tomasso recommends that you give these photo editing apps a shot! When it comes to photography, the editing process can make all the difference. In the competitive realm of Instagram, simple shots do little to win over your followers. An unedited, lazy post may score a few likes from your friends and family -- but a truly stunning shot can increase your engagement to new heights! Upgrading your approach to editing can have a serious impact on how well your posts perform on Instagram. But the photo editing capabilities that come preloaded on your iPhone or Android smartphone are a little too simple to do the trick. Luckily, the App and Google Play Stores have you covered! Here are photographer, Edwar

Cilento, Campania: Southern Italy’s Shiniest Hidden Gem

When booking an adventure in Italy, most tourists gravitate towards the usual hotspots. They people watch in Milan , revisit history in Rome, and dine in Sicily. Since moving to Italy and blending in as a local, Edward Tomasso has realized that there’s more to Italy than its most popular cities. Cilento is one of those hidden gems! Unique and yet, often overlooked… If you’re looking for an adventure off the beaten path, be sure to circle Cilento on your map! This gorgeous coastal region is often overlooked by tourists. But once you roam the valleys and mountain ranges for yourself, you’ll wonder why that is. Unlike Rome and Milan, Cilento isn’t an area known for being bombarded with tourists. If you do choose to visit, you’ll find this to be an advantage. The lack of mass tourism offers visitors a more intimate view of Italian sights and culture. Adding Cilento to your itinerary will make for trip tales that your friends and relatives simply won’t have in their back pocke

Wonderful Waters: The Most Scenic Beaches in Italy

Italy is full of stunning sights. Adventure Photographer, Edward Tomasso is on a mission to capture the most gorgeous views in all of Italy. Here are 3 beautiful beaches Tomasso says you just can’t miss! For many tourists, Italy and its islands are the majesty of the Mediterranean.  With so many enchanting adventures calling your name, it’s not hard to see why that is!  During his stay in Milan, Italy, Adventure Photographer, Edward Tomasso has gone the extra kilometer to blend in as a local.  Veering off the beaten path has afforded him unforgettable experiences most tourists won’t find in the average guide book! If you’re looking for beaches with stunning scenes ( instead of views of huddled tourists! ), add these spots to your itinerary: Punta Prosciutto Beach (Puglia) The name alone certainly makes your mouth water!  The literal translation for “punta prosciutto” is “ham point.”  But unless you take this as a hint for a snack pack, you won’t find any ham here!  Wh