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Turn iPhone Portrait Mode Photos into 3D in 4 Simple Steps

If you've happened to be scrolling through your Facebook feed and stumbled upon the new "3D photo" trend and wondered how you can do it yourself, look no further!  New techniques are always welcomed into the evolving photography wheelhouse of Edward Tomasso . These techniques usually come with a price tag on new equipment for photographers , but the new 3D portrait mode is accessible in the palm of your hand! All you need is your iPhone, the Facebook app, and a photo taken in portrait mode.  This December, Facebook added a feature to their post update capabilities. Users can now add "3D" images to their Facebook status update with the click of a button. The photo edits that Facebook uses to auto adjust your image are slight manipulations of any portrait mode photo, that are only visible when you move your phone of cursor over the image itself, or moving your phone. Seems complicated, right? You don't need to be spend time at a photography

Photography Lessons with MasterClass

From chefs and film directors, to philanthropists and entrepreneurs , MasterClass offers a unique skill-based education online mentorship program for those looking to learn. Subscribers can choose from over 70+ classes, averaging 24 lessons per class, taught by wold celebrated professionals across all industries. MasterClass is an exceptional tool for all creatives, especially photographers.  For freelance and adventure photography enthusiasts like Edward Tomasso, MasterClass can be an amazing tool to learn tools, tips and techniques from the best in the business to help you succeed in fulfilling your passion for photography . Students interested in Photography can find multiple classes under the "Design, Fashion and Photography" category. World renowned industry professionals like Jimmy Chin and Annie Leibovitz will guide you through courses on Adventure and Portrait Photography , adding their own personal touch to each course. Jimmy Chin breaks down his own

3 Easy Ways to Sell Your Artwork

Odds are if you're talented in any area of art, there's a customer base for you. Photographers, painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, sketch artists - you name it, there's probably a customer waiting to buy your artwork! For freelance entrepreneurs and photographers like Edward Tomasso looking to make profit from their passion, there are several ways to monetize what those artists create. Contrary to popular belief, it's actually quite easy! Here are 3 easy ways to make a profit from your artwork!  Etsy Etsy is an online global marketplace designed specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell anything from "handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures." It was designed to create a sense of community and support for these small businesses and foster e-commerce and sustainability within the small business community and open the doors to a global market. You can create a profile, upload images of your work/goods, and start selling!  po

Winter Waterfall Photography

Waterfalls are beautiful to photograph all year-round, but in the winter, waterfalls take on a whole new look with ice, snow, cool tones and high contrast. Although beautiful, waterfalls can actually be quite difficult to photograph properly, even for experts and well-versed adventure photographers like Edward Tomasso . Shutter speed , angle and lighting can all play factor when capturing the serene beauty behind these moving waters. Exposure compensation and shutter speed can completely transform the final look of the photo. The moving water can actually have a silky look, cascading over rocks and ice when using a low shutter speed. Shutter speed is basically just the exposure time or length of time that the sensor is exposed to light. It's a good idea to do some research on basic photography skills prior to venturing out into the cold wilderness if you're a beginner, but the best way to learn is just by getting out there and trying! Bundle up with layers and wate