Photography Lessons with MasterClass

From chefs and film directors, to philanthropists and entrepreneurs, MasterClass offers a unique skill-based education online mentorship program for those looking to learn. Subscribers can choose from over 70+ classes, averaging 24 lessons per class, taught by wold celebrated professionals across all industries.

Edward Tomasso

MasterClass is an exceptional tool for all creatives, especially photographers. 

For freelance and adventure photography enthusiasts like Edward Tomasso, MasterClass can be an amazing tool to learn tools, tips and techniques from the best in the business to help you succeed in fulfilling your passion for photography.

Students interested in Photography can find multiple classes under the "Design, Fashion and Photography" category. World renowned industry professionals like Jimmy Chin and Annie Leibovitz will guide you through courses on Adventure and Portrait Photography, adding their own personal touch to each course.

Edward TomassoJimmy Chin breaks down his own creative process, pushing his limits to new heights while capturing unforgettable images. Shooting on location, gear and lenses, composition, settings and depth of field, editing, post-processing, and both commercial and editorial photography are all topics Chin will provide his expert knowledge on for his students to hone their adventure photography skills with.

Annie Leibovitz teachers her students the true essence of portrait photography. She covers several topics in her MasterClass, including storytelling, research, observation, lighting, photo concepts, working with your subject, and portraiture to help students capture feeling behind their photos, not just faces.


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