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How to Be an Adventure Photographer

In search of new adventures, Edward Tomasso began traveling the world just a few years ago. A happy accident led him to wander into the world of adventure photography. Now a freelancer with a portfolio in the works , the young explorer encourages other travelers to become adventure photographers, too. Many people dream of traveling the world. But few find the actual motivation to take the daring leap into solo international travel. Adventure photographer, Edward Tomasso , claims that his willingness to take risks has offered him some incredible rewards both in his personal life and professional career . But the young photographer says that you don’t necessarily need to apply for a passport to jump into adventure photography. Here are some tips for the novice camera-wielding artists who dream of chasing adventures: Start Small and Stay Local As exciting as traveling the world may be, it’s also an incredibly costly journey. Not everyone has the luxury of packing up their live