Wonderful Waters: The Most Scenic Beaches in Italy

Italy is full of stunning sights. Adventure Photographer, Edward Tomasso is on a mission to capture the most gorgeous views in all of Italy. Here are 3 beautiful beaches Tomasso says you just can’t miss!

For many tourists, Italy and its islands are the majesty of the Mediterranean.  With so many enchanting adventures calling your name, it’s not hard to see why that is!  During his stay in Milan, Italy, Adventure Photographer, Edward Tomasso has gone the extra kilometer to blend in as a local.  Veering off the beaten path has afforded him unforgettable experiences most tourists won’t find in the average guide book!

If you’re looking for beaches with stunning scenes (instead of views of huddled tourists!), add these spots to your itinerary:

Punta Prosciutto Beach (Puglia)
Edward Tomasso Punta Prosciutto Beach Puglia
The name alone certainly makes your mouth water!  The literal translation for “punta prosciutto” is “ham point.”  But unless you take this as a hint for a snack pack, you won’t find any ham here!  What you will find are towering ivory sand dunes and calming crystalline waves -- it’s enough to enrapture even the most difficult to please in your tour group!  This location is a perfect match for the lazy lounger or the avid adventurer. The shallow waters make for a great spot to dip your toes in the ocean while you relax with an ice cold drink in your hand.  Or, if you’re up for it, keep up with the locals and give windsurfing a whirl!

Scalo Maestro (Marettimo)
Edward Tomasso Scalo Maestro
The beach itself is tiny -- but the views and opportunities for adventure are larger than life!  If you aren’t up for snorkeling, swimming or sailing, the stunning scenery will be enough to keep you amazed all day long.  Winding hills along towering caves line the majestic blue waters of Scalo Maestro, a location on the Italian island of Marettimo.  The rocky walkways offer a stark contrast against the water, almost as if you’re in the desert.

Rabbit Island (Lampedusa)
Edward Tomasso Rabbit Island
No, you won’t find any cute little bunnies here.  But, you will find loggerhead turtles! Actually, chances are, these shell-residing friends may be your only competition while enjoying the rugged scenic views of Rabbit Island.  Over 100 miles away from the mainland, Rabbit Island feels rather remote. So you certainly won’t have to worry about anyone accidentally splashing their sunscreen on you or obnoxiously blaring their radio!  It’s the perfect spot to rest and relax.

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