Exploring "Micro" Photography with Edward Tomasso

Photography has always been on of Edward Tomasso's favorite forms of creative expression. For most creatives, visual representation remains ta the core of their artistic vision. Getting to explore art in various ways becomes even more exciting when your eyes are behind the lens of a camera. 

Edward Tomasso has previously touched upon the art of drone photography in his blog series, which allows the photographer to capture an image on a macro scale, referring to a very large view from the sky of what's below. But what if you look the opposite way, at something very, very small. 

This is know as micro photography.  Micro photography is the opposite of macro photography, and involves looking very up-close to certain objects.

This form of photography allows you to take a minute view in intricate detail, exploring textures, colors and patterns not usually visible by the naked eye - much like viewing something under a microscope. 

Here are some examples: 

Edward Tomasso Photography

Edward Tomasso Blog

Edward Tomasso Photos

Any guess what this last one is? 

Edward Tomasso Photography Workshop

A dandelion! 

Edward Tomasso Freelance Photography


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