Inspiring Works of Jimmy Chin in NatGeo Documentary Film, Free Solo

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Edward Tomasso is always looking for new ways to get inspired and push his limits as an ambitious adventure photographer. From Pompeii to Milan, he's traveled throughout Italy in search of the most beautiful scenery to help perfect his photography skills and offer new lessons to his students who participate in his free photography workshops.

Edward Tomasso Blog Alex HannoldIn his free time, Edward Tomasso enjoys artful inspiration from all corners of life. One inspiring film worth noting is Free Solo, the adventurous documentary film shared on popular online networks like Netflix and Disney+ to name a few.

Free Solo is a beautifully composed documentary film highlighting the extreme skill of experienced rock climber Alex Hannold as he ascends on his captivating and white-knuckle inducing climb up El Capitan summit, also known as El Cap, in Yosemite National Park, California.

The film itself also captures the hard work and talent of American professional climber, photographer and Academy Award winning film director, Jimmy Chin.

Edward Tomaaso Blog Free SoloAnyone interested in adventure photography should take note from inspiring photographers like Jimmy Chin. Taking time to get inspired by others in the industry, whether film, photography or art of any sort, can be an amazing way to revamp your enthusiasm for your craft.

Not only does the film offer a riveting story, it equally embodies the hard work and dedication a motion picture like Free Solo takes to capture at extreme heights and challenging terrain. Though the main story is on Alex Hannold, the film itself captures extraordinary scenery and views from the experienced eyes of Jimmy Chin.


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