IGTV for Photographers & Creatives

Instagram is not afraid to compete with the heavy-hitter, YouTube. Instagram has added IGTV to their array of social sharing offerings, allowing users to upload videos to their own channel to share with followers.  

For freelance photographers like Edward Tomasso, social media is a great tool to share valuable insight and market an array of art forms. Utilizing IGTV as a tool as a freelance photographer is extremely valuable, given use of the application and its features are free.

Freelance photographers and travel seekers are known to flaunt their work on social media, but utilizing IG TV to convey the spirit and personality of the man behind the camera is a unique way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, bettering the client experience when it comes to sharing and hopefully selling your art or services

IGTV for Photographers and Creatives 

IGTV is a hybrid between Instagram and Youtube, allowing users to create channels to specifically share longer videos (opposed to IG stories) directly though the Instagram app. It also allows you to:
  • Upload videos with lengths anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour
  • Upload at a higher quality than IG stories
  • Interact with other users and followers 
  • Add links to outside web pages in video descriptions
  • Create dedicated channels 
IGTV Video Ideas 

  1. Welcome video 
  2. Question and answers video 
  3. Slideshow of work/portfolio 
  4. Tour your workspace 
  5. Behind the scenes 
  6. "About me"


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