Exploring "Micro" Photography with Edward Tomasso

Photography has always been on of Edward Tomasso's favorite forms of creative expression. For most creatives, visual representation remains ta the core of their artistic vision. Getting to explore art in various ways becomes even more exciting when your eyes are behind the lens of a camera. 
Edward Tomasso has previously touched upon the art of drone photography in his blog series, which allows the photographer to capture an image on a macro scale, referring to a very large view from the sky of what's below. But what if you look the opposite way, at something very, very small. 
This is know as micro photography.  Micro photography is the opposite of macro photography, and involves looking very up-close to certain objects.
This form of photography allows you to take a minute view in intricate detail, exploring textures, colors and patterns not usually visible by the naked eye - much like viewing something under a microscope. 
Here are some examples: 

Any guess what this last one i…

Inspiring Works of Jimmy Chin in NatGeo Documentary Film, Free Solo

Edward Tomasso is always looking for new ways to get inspired and push his limits as an ambitious adventure photographer. From Pompeii to Milan, he's traveled throughout Italy in search of the most beautiful scenery to help perfect his photography skills and offer new lessons to his students who participate in his free photography workshops.

In his free time, Edward Tomasso enjoys artful inspiration from all corners of life. One inspiring film worth noting is Free Solo, the adventurous documentary film shared on popular online networks like Netflix and Disney+ to name a few.

Free Solo is a beautifully composed documentary film highlighting the extreme skill of experienced rock climber Alex Hannold as he ascends on his captivating and white-knuckle inducing climb up El Capitan summit, also known as El Cap, in Yosemite National Park, California.

The film itself also captures the hard work and talent of American professional climber, photographer and Academy Award winning film directo…

Take Adventure to New Heights with Drone Photography

Interested in taking your photography skills to new heights? How about a bird's eye view from the sky? Adventure photography can reach a whole new level with the help of drones!
Do you need a license to fly a drone? According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), you do not need to obtain a remote pilot's license under the following conditions as sited by the FAA:

you are flying the drone purely as a hobby and for solely recreational reasonsYou follow the guidelines set forth by your local communityYou keep your drone within visual line-of-sightYield to any and all manned aircraftRemain at least five miles away form airports and air traffic control towersYour drone must not weigh more than 55 pounds
Why is a drone useful for adventure photography?  Seeing your surroundings from above gives you a whole new perspective! Drones give you the ability to span a large distance quickly and smoothly. This can be extremely beneficial when capturing landscapes on film from a whole…

Edward Tomasso: Photography Adventures in Italy

Edward Tomasso has exhibited characteristics of an entrepreneur from a young age. Always adventurous and steadfast while nurturing his ideas and expeditions, he has always had a knack for following his own path with confidence. 

Edward Tomasso and photography:
For Edward Tomasso, traveling is not only an innate trait, it's a passion that has spearheaded his own professional career. His love for travel and adventure have opened the door to travel photography which always pushes Edward Tomasso to reach for new goals while visiting new countries and learning about new cultures around the world. 

How adventure photography has changed Edward Tomasso's life:  This young and spirited professional is currently situated in Milan, Italy. Some of his favorite adventure spots filled with beautiful views and photo opportunities include:
FloranceMilanVeniceRomePompeiiNaplesCapri Exploring culture and history to help his career: Although adventure photography does give Edward Tomasso a creati…

IGTV for Photographers & Creatives

Instagram is not afraid to compete with the heavy-hitter, YouTube. Instagram has added IGTV to their array of social sharing offerings, allowing users to upload videos to their own channel to share with followers.  
For freelance photographers like Edward Tomasso, social media is a great tool to share valuable insight and market an array of art forms. Utilizing IGTV as a tool as a freelance photographer is extremely valuable, given use of the application and its features are free.

Freelance photographers and travel seekers are known to flaunt their work on social media, but utilizing IG TV to convey the spirit and personality of the man behind the camera is a unique way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, bettering the client experience when it comes to sharing and hopefully selling your art or services. 
IGTV for Photographers and Creatives 
IGTV is a hybrid between Instagram and Youtube, allowing users to create channels to specifically share longer videos (opposed to IG…

Turn iPhone Portrait Mode Photos into 3D in 4 Simple Steps

If you've happened to be scrolling through your Facebook feed and stumbled upon the new "3D photo" trend and wondered how you can do it yourself, look no further!  New techniques are always welcomed into the evolving photography wheelhouse of Edward Tomasso. These techniques usually come with a price tag on new equipment for photographers, but the new 3D portrait mode is accessible in the palm of your hand! All you need is your iPhone, the Facebook app, and a photo taken in portrait mode. 
This December, Facebook added a feature to their post update capabilities. Users can now add "3D" images to their Facebook status update with the click of a button.
The photo edits that Facebook uses to auto adjust your image are slight manipulations of any portrait mode photo, that are only visible when you move your phone of cursor over the image itself, or moving your phone.
Seems complicated, right? You don't need to be spend time at a photography workshop to learn th…

Photography Lessons with MasterClass

From chefs and film directors, to philanthropists and entrepreneurs, MasterClass offers a unique skill-based education online mentorship program for those looking to learn. Subscribers can choose from over 70+ classes, averaging 24 lessons per class, taught by wold celebrated professionals across all industries.

MasterClass is an exceptional tool for all creatives, especially photographers. 
For freelance and adventure photography enthusiasts like Edward Tomasso, MasterClass can be an amazing tool to learn tools, tips and techniques from the best in the business to help you succeed in fulfilling your passion for photography.

Students interested in Photography can find multiple classes under the "Design, Fashion and Photography" category. World renowned industry professionals like Jimmy Chin and Annie Leibovitz will guide you through courses on Adventure and Portrait Photography, adding their own personal touch to each course.
Jimmy Chin breaks down his own creative process, pus…